Info for Artists

Information & Registration For Artists

The 2024 Festival will include a curation process due to the smaller venue and need to create a fair and balanced group of artists.

Applications will be accepted between 6/1/24 and 6/30/24. Selected artists will be notified by 7/15/24. A $25 non-refundable application fee will be collected with your completed application. Invitations will be issued arouund 7/15/24. Once accepted, a $130 booth fee and your st-19 form will be due by 8/15/24 to reserve your place.

Please read the Exhibitor Manual below to understand the changes.

Registration will take place through Direct link to registration page is: You can also search  for 2024 Women’s Art Festival in Booth Central by name, location or date.  Any questions, please contact Naomi at 612-250-5097 or Thank you.

2024 Exhibitor Manual

2024 postcard: Full color postcard will be available in July. Until then, feel free to print and distribute this one. (To print use landscape setting on printer. Distribute widely!)