2022 Music Schedule

The Women’s Art Festival includes live music by local women throughout the day. Here is the 2022 schedule:

(Remember that the musicians are playing for tips. A $1 contribution is suggested at the door, on a “more if you can, less if you can’t” basis.)

  Main Stage
9:30  Thomasina Petrus
10:30 Jess Yoakum
11:00 Heartfelt (Denise Cochran, Emily Hagar-Garmin, Katie Larson, Diane vanDuesen, Mara Hennen)
12:00 CharBara  (Char & Barbara Engen-Manskou)
1:00 Sadie Maguire
2:00 Beth Kinderman
3:00 Diane Benjamin
10:30 CharBara  (Char & Barbara Engen-Manskou)
1:30 Diane Benjamin